Uncertain Markets Require Flexibility

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In this week’s ZimmCast, our Chuck Zimmerman speaks with Chip Whalen, Commodity & Ingredient Hedging (CIH). The topic is uncertainty requiring flexibility. Think about how commodity prices are affected by weather, trade, exhange rates and more competition. There are more factors too. In the program, Chuck and Chip discuss how farmers can manage risk with the uncertainty we’re seeing in …

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Reaction to Prospective Plantings Report

Cindy Zimmerman

The 2015 Prospective Plantings released by USDA shows declines expected in corn, wheat and cotton acres this year, with only a modest increase in soybean acreage. Randy Martinson with Progressive Ag, who provided commentary on the report for the Minneapolis Grain Exchange crop call, was surprised by some of the numbers.

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GROWMARK Report Studies Stocks-to-Use

Leah Guffey

GROWMARK Report Studies Stocks-to-Use A new report from GROWMARK Research challenges the commonly accepted notion that ending stocks are a primary determinant of agricultural commodity prices. In the report, GROWMARK economic and market research manager Kel Kelly shows that stocks are inversely correlated with prices, but that the correlation occurs within a limited price range, meaning that stocks do not …

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MGEX Calls on US and Canada Crops

Cindy Zimmerman

The Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX) hosted two crop calls in the past week to discuss reports out of Stats Canada and USDA. The Stats Canada field crop report was released on February 4 and was analyzed by Wayne Palmer and Brian Voth of Agri-Trend. Jack Scoville of the Price Futures Group discussed the USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimate …

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Analyst Summarizes Canada Crop Report

Cindy Zimmerman

Canadian farmers harvested record crops this season, according to the December report from Statistics Canada. Production of most field crops increased in 2013 compared with 2012 as yields reached a number of record highs. Both canola and wheat production reached record levels in 2013. Analyst Bruce Burnett with the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) summarized the report and his take on …

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MGEX November Crop Call

Cindy Zimmerman

USDA issued its November Crop Production forecast on Friday, calling for a record corn crop of just a hair under 14 billion bushels. During the Minneapolis Grain Exchange conference call on the report, Mike Krueger of The Money Farm commented on both the new production forecast and the new WASDE report.

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Commentary on USDA Acreage Report

Cindy Zimmerman

Despite the challenging planting conditions this spring USDA is saying that farmers have planted the most corn and soybean acres ever, according to Friday’s Acreage report. Considering what the spring has been like, the numbers are being met with some skepticism by market watchers in particular. “It’s a shockingly big number and it will be questioned,” said Jack Scoville of …

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MGEX Conference Call

Chuck Zimmerman

The September Crop Report was released by USDA this morning. The Minneapolis Grain Exchange followed up with commentary on the report, as they do every month, in a conference call with reporters. This month’s commentator is Mike Krueger of The Money Farm. Listen to the MGEX September Crop Report Conference Call here. MGEX September (16:40 min MP3)