NFU Hosts Presser On TPP Opposition

Joanna Schroeder

NFU logo While many United States trade officials are promoting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as an export-boon for agriculture, the National Farmers Union (NFU) continues to stand strong in their opposition of the free trade agreement. NFU hosted a media teleconference to talk about the TPP and announce a letter signed by 160 food, farm, faith and rural groups.

“We are very clear in our position on TPP. We oppose it. There are a number of reasons for that, but the big message we want to get across to the American public that agriculture is not unanimously supporting this agreement,” said NFU President Roger Johnson during the teleconference.

Listen to the full press conference here:
NFU Media Teleconference on TPP

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New ZimmCast Highlights Growing Global Solutions

Joanna Schroeder

zimmcast-image-postingIn this week’s ZimmCast, we hear from Janice Dahl  who has just started a new non-profit called Growing Global Solutions. In this episode, Dahl tells us all about GGS, which believes in bringing change through better organizations with an emphasis on strategy development, project management and evaluation, communication analysis, leadership development, and – most importantly – giving back.

Learn more about Growing Global Solutions in this week’s ZimmCast: ZimmCast with Janice Dahl, Growing Global Solutions

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@GROWMARK Grows with Youth Programs

Joanna Schroeder

growmark-ffaWhen it comes to sustainability in agriculture, the most precious natural resource for the industry to preserve is our young people, and the GROWMARK System and FS member cooperatives are all about that.

GROWMARK has a long history of making a significant investment in youth, from helping to fund Ag in the Classroom, to supporting FFA and 4-H, to a world-class internship program. “Today’s young people are going to be the consumers of tomorrow using the products and services that our customers produce,” said Karen Jones, GROWMARK Youth and Cooperative Education Specialist in an AgWired interview. “They’re also hopefully going to be some of our future employees and we’d like them to have a strong understanding of agriculture and of cooperatives.”

Learn more about GROWMARK youth programs in this interview: Interview with Karen Jones, GROWMARK

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Meet a Champion Mustang

Joanna Schroeder

padre-riding The 2016 Midwest Horse Fair featured several notable equine celebrities, and AgWired was fortunate enough to receive the opportunity to visit with one of the this year’s most exceptional honorees. Padre is a mustang stallion and former wild horse who went above all odds to prove himself as a champion dressage horse, and is continuing to inspire so many in his community through his new role as a service horse in a veterans therapy program.

Patti Gruber first brought Padre home in 2007, and began schooling him and showing him on local dressage circuits. He soon excelled through the ranks, and the pair began competing on the national circuit. In 2010, he became the first wild horse to qualify and compete in dressage at Devon, and remains the first wild horse to hold a United States Dressage Federation (USDF) national ranking.

“I was fortunate enough to know Padre when he was about two years old, and I watched him grow up and knew what an amazing disposition he has,” said Gruber in an interview with Lizzy Schultz. “And I’ve spent the last nine years since I got him showing the world what mustangs can do.”

Listen to Patti’s full interview to hear more about her incredible story with Padre:
Interview with Patti Gruber, Dressage Trainer

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Thirsty Land Debuts at #Water4Food

Joanna Schroeder

DSC_0077Thirsty Land, directed and produced by Conrad Weaver, focuses on the multi-year drought facing California, Washington and other southwestern states. The documentary debuted as part of the Water for Food Global Conference taking place April 24-26 in Lincoln Nebraska at the Nebraska Innovation Campus.

The documentary follows the journey of growers who share their stories of how water shortages have affected operations from dairy farmers to fruit producers to sheep producers. The film follows the farmers as they try to find solutions to get through the drier years; yet still produce enough food to keep the farm in operation all while putting conversation programs in place for future drier years.

While the documentary is about the unbreakable connection of water and food, it is really a film not for the agriculture industry, says Weaver, but for consumers. Weaver stresses there is a need for consumers to better understand the dynamics of water and food and thus, become more supportive of water programs that put agriculture first.

To learn more about the film, the experiences of the filmmaker and why he feels Thirsty Land is so important, listen to my interview with Conrad Weaver here: Conrad Weaver, Thirsty Land Producer & Director

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New Holland Expands Precision Land Management Tools

Joanna Schroeder

nfms-16-142-editedLuke Zerby, Marketing Manger for Precision Land Management (PLM) at New Holland, says that hand-foraged tools are one of the first things most people think about when they hear the term precision ag. “And while we’re very excited, very proud of our tradition in that, we also have a lot to offer in precision farming,” he tells AgWired. “But to tie those two things together in the grand scope of what we have to offer with PLM, we really have the solution that is the right size and the right capabilities for every size and shape of operation out there.”

In fact, the PLM department continues to grow. Zerby reports that originally precision farming meant auto guidance, with growers being able to focus on the task at hand, rather than steering at a fixed point across the field. Moving forward, however, customers are choosing to take a step beyond with section control and rate control to maximize efficiencies and better manage the resources they already have.

Learn more about Precision Land Management in the interview with Luke Zerby: Luke Zerby, New Holland PLM

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Sandhills Cattle Association and AgriClear Partner

Joanna Schroeder

AgriClearAgriClear, an online transaction and payment platform for cattle buyers and sellers, has announced a collaborative arrangement with Sandhills Cattle Association (SCA), based in Valentine, Nebraska. Jamie Johansen spoke with Nevil Speer, Vice President of U.S. Operations for AgriClear, to learn more about what this partnership will mean for both sides.

“This arrangement represents another important step forward as we work to broaden the reach of the AgriClear platform across the U.S. cattle industry,” said Nevil Speer, Vice President of U.S. Operations, AgriClear. “This is a great opportunity to team up with an industry leader to help expand their marketplace and deliver benefits to the transactional process for their membership.”

Interview with Nevil Speer: Interview with Nevil Speer, AgriClear

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Ethanol Report on #Climate #Ethanol

Joanna Schroeder

ethanol-report-adThe signing of the Paris Climate Agreement on Earth Day 2016 puts the focus on what countries are doing to make the world a better place, and some of the nearly 170 countries signing the accord are backing the use of renewable fuels like ethanol for cleaner air. In this Ethanol Report, Renewable Fuels Association president and CEO Bob Dinneen talks about the environmental benefits of ethanol and how the United States could have done more in the agreement to promote renewable fuels. He also shares his thoughts about what the oil industry costs American taxpayers on Tax Day.

Listen here: Ethanol Report on Earth Day

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Growing Global Solutions Launched to Grow Better Agriculture

Talia Goes

logoGrowing Global Solutions, a 501(c)(3) public charity, has been formed to help agricultural organizations improve their efficiency.

Founders Janice Dahl and Jim Butler put the organization together with the goal of working with top-tier organizations that want to evaluate progress and reach peak efficiency. With expertise specifically in agriculture, the pair decided the industry would benefit from an approach designed towards building sustainable culture in organizations.

“Our vision is to serve organizations in order to play a part in improving global quality of life,” said Janice Dahl, President and CEO.

As a non-profit, Growing Global Solutions has the opportunity to give back to the communities and causes it believes in, those of agriculture and health, she added.

The organization will work in the areas of strategy development, project management and evaluation, communications analysis, and leadership development.

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Merial Addresses Stomach Ulcers in Horses

Joanna Schroeder

Merial-logo Stomach ulcers are a major veterinary health concern throughout the entire equestrian sport community, as two thirds of competition horses suffer from them, and the Merial equine health team made gastric health a priority in their presentations at the 2016 Midwest Horse Fair.

Dr. Andy Bennett, DVM, Veterinary Services Manager for Merial, sat down with AgWired during the Horse Fair to discuss Merial’s long standing efforts in the development of stomach ulcer treatments, explain the current options available today, and highlight important health information for competition horse owners and trainers.

Interview with Dr. Bennett:
Interview with Dr. Andy Bennett, DVM, Merial

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