Magnesium Chloride-based Organic Fertilizer

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innovativesurfacesolutionsNorth America’s farmers have a new option that will strengthen their crops and help meet the demand for organic produce by today’s consumer. Innovative Surface Solutions announced the availability of AgMag™, the first magnesium chloride-based fertilizer approved for organic farming in North America.

“The demand for organic foods continues to grow and farmers are looking for cost-effective solutions,” said Greg Baun, President and CEO, Innovative Surface Solutions. “We are proud to offer North American farmers access to a liquid organic fertilizer that will increase quality and yields across a range of crop types and also contains natural fungal suppressant properties. We continue to see excellent results from our trials with Cornell University; 2015 will be the fourth year and most comprehensive trials yet with more farms participating in New York and New England.”

Innovative’s AgMag™ is a high performance magnesium chloride liquid that is approved for organic production as a crop fertilizer and soil amendment to help increase quality and yield in row crops. It has just been listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) in both Canada and the United States. AgMag™ is listed for use in certified organic production, food processing and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program Rule and Canadian Organic Standards.

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Crop Health Labs’ Plant Sap Analysis Increases Profits

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crophealthlabsGrowers looking to reduce crop inputs and increase profits now have access to a program to achieve both – Plant Sap Analysis. The technology is offered by Crop Health Labs, in partnership with NovaCropControl Laboratories. Plant Sap Analysis offers a different approach to a very common nutrient management problem. Unlike traditional tissue sampling, Plant Sap Analysis provides immediate indicators of plant stress, before the plant even shows nutrient deficiencies. This saves valuable time and allows growers to apply exacting amounts of fertility inputs, before symptoms emerge.

Crop Health Labs is the only company offering 21 different nutrient parameters for testing in a laboratory environment. The company uses standardized operating, sampling and shipping procedures and the analysis is customized for each grower’s operation. For growers who are not trained consultants, Crop Health Labs trained staff work directory with growers based on crop and region.

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#RFSWorks Hearing and Rally

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rfs-worksHundreds of ethanol supporters showed up in Kansas City, Kansas on June 25, 2015 for a public hearing on the EPA’s proposed volume obligations under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and a Rally for Rural America.

The hearing heard testimony from over 200 stakeholders, including corn farmers, ethanol and biodiesel producers. The rally featured comments from the governors and agriculture secretaries of Missouri and Iowa, as well as representatives from industry organizations. Prior to the hearing, EPA officials visited an ethanol production facility in Garnett, Kansas.

EPA RFS Public Hearing photos

EPA Officials Visit Kansas Ethanol PlantInterview with Jeff Oestmann, EKAE and Geoff Cooper, RFA

EPA Official Ready for Long DayInterview with Chris Grundler, EPA

Governors Tell EPA the #RFSWorks
Iowa and Missouri Governors at EPA Hearing IA and MO governors and ag directors at RFS rally

RFA Chair tells EPA to Tear Down That WallRFA chair Randy Doyal at RFS rally

Corn Growers Tell EPA the #RFSWorksNCGA testimony at RFS hearing Full RFS Works Rally

Retailers Counter EPA Blend Wall BeliefsFuel retailer Cheryl Near at RFS Rally

EPA Hearing Turnout to Show #RFSWorksEPA RFS Hearing panel 1

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American Ethanol 200 Presented by Enogen

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nascar-enogenThe NASCAR Camping World Truck Series American Ethanol 200 presented by Syngenta Enogen was held at the Iowa Speedway on Friday, June 19. Chris Soules, star of Season 19 of ABC’s “The Bachelor” and Season 20 of “Dancing With The Stars,” served as the grand marshal and Erik Jones was the winner of the race, scoring his fifth victory in 26 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series races and first in 2015.

2015 American Ethanol 200 Presented by Enogen Photo Album

Enogen Press Conference at Iowa SpeedwaySyngenta Enogen Press Conference

Soules Supports Ethanol & Ag at American Ethanol 200Chris Soules at American Ethanol 200

Enogen ‘Primes the Pump’ for Ethanol InfrastructureChris Tingle, Head of Marketing for Enogen

Iowa RFA President at American Ethanol 200Interview with Iowa RFA president Brian Cahill

Enogen, Tech Boost Ethanol, Corn Producers’ ProfitsDelayne Johnson, CEO of Quad County Corn Processors

FFA Helps ‘Prime the Pump’ for Ethanol & Students
South Tama FFA Twin Cedars FFA

Prime the Pump Funds Ethanol InfrastructureInterview with Prime the Pump chair Ray Defenbaugh

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Agren Introduces New Sustainability Solution

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agrenAgren, Inc., the leading provider of sustainability technology to agriculture, unveiled their three-tiered Sustainability Solution for ag retailers today.

Agren’s Sustainability Solution provides agribusiness an immediate way to add sustainability to their current precision offering. The platform allows advisors to easily assist growers in their pursuit of more sustainable farming systems through a multi-tiered path from lead generation to full service conservation planning. Unique to Agren’s solution is the value it provides. Growers benefit from practical solutions; the food industry benefits from the solution’s transparency and accountability through its proven science-based results.

Designed to provide practical, farm-specific solutions, the three-tiered system grows along with the ever-increasing demand for sustainably produced food.

• Intuitive, color-coded map layers in Tier 1 target areas of greatest concern and help advisors initiate a conversation with growers about specific resource concerns like soil erosion and nutrient loss that may be limiting productivity.
• Graphs and maps in Tier 2 allow advisors to rapidly analyze and understand the impact of management practices on soil and nitrogen loss.
• With Tier 3, ag advisors are able to deliver a full-suite of custom soil and water management services to growers, including site-specific recommendations for practices like reduced tillage, cover crops, and grassed waterways.

“Sustainability isn’t a fad,” says Agren CEO Tom Buman. “Sustainability is the crop input of tomorrow.” Spurred by population growth, news of hypoxia and climate change, looming regulation, and pressure from consumers, agribusiness is becoming acutely aware of the need to create viable sustainability programs. With Agren’s Sustainability Solution, agronomists are able to provide powerful conservation recommendations that easily integrate with their precision ag platform.

“The path to meaningful change is to provide real value to growers. Precision ag provides the platform to deliver that value,” says Buman. “By implementing Agren’s Sustainability Solution, ag retailers can differentiate themselves and address both short-term and long-term environmental challenges.”

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RFA Encourages Big Turnout for EPA Hearing

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rfalogo1Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) president and CEO Bob Dinneen is hoping for a huge turnout at next week’s EPA hearing in Kansas City, Kansas on the agency’s proposed volume obligations under the Renewable Fuel Standard.

The hearing will begin at 9:00 am CT and will be held at Jack Reardon Center, 520 Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas. More information is available in the Federal Register announcement from EPA.

In this interview, Dinneen talks about his expectations for the hearing: Interview with RFA CEO Bob Dinneen on upcoming EPA public hearing

In this longer version of the interview, Dinneen also discusses yet another bill introduced this week to repeal the RFS and renewed charges by RFS opponents that the law is increasing food prices. Ethanol Report from Washington DC

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GROWMARK Testifies for Food Labeling Bill

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labeling-hearing-growmarkThe U.S. House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health held a hearing Thursday that demonstrated an urgent need to pass the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act this year to create a uniform national food labeling standard for products made with genetically modified organisms.

Among those testifying at the hearing in support of the bill for agriculture was GROWMARK president and Illinois farmer John Reifsteck.

GROWMARK president John Reifsteck testimony
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2015 ASTA Annual Meeting

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asta-annual-15The 132nd annual meeting of the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) was held June 17-20, 2015 in Washington DC. With a focus on advocacy, seed industry representatives met with their elected officials in Congress to talk about important issues such as trade, pollinator health and labeling.

Participants heard from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, elected new officers for the coming year, got updates on industry issues, and much more.

2015 ASTA Annual Meeting photos

Secretary Vilsack Visits #ASTAannualSecy Vilsack addresses 2015 ASTA Annual

ASTA CEO Pleased with 2015 #ASTAannualASTA CEO Andy LaVigne

ASTA Members Storm the HillInterview with ASTA incoming chair Risa DeMasi, Grassland Oregon

ASTA Chairman Presides Over Busy YearInterview with ASTA chairman John Schoenecker, HM Clause

Iteris Displays ClearAg at #ASTAannualInterview with Chris Davis and Don Lamker, Iteris

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Fuels America’s RFS Call Sets Record Straight

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Fuels America held a press conference today to counter attacks on ethanol by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and to provide comments in advance of the Senate fuels america logoHomeland Security Committee hearing tomorrow, “Re-examining EPA’s Management of the Renewable Fuel Standard Program,” that will be focused on examining EPA’s management of the RFS.

Participating in the Fuels America press call were  Cal Dalton, a corn farmer from Wisconsin; Fred Yoder, an Ohio corn grower; and Bob Dinneen, CEO and president of the Renewable Fuels Association. Participants discussed how legislative changes to the RFS will threaten America’s security, consumer choice, climate and rural economies. They also provided insight on EPA’s proposed renewable fuel obligations (RVOs) and they reacted to the claims put forth during the API media call.

Fuels America RFS Hearing Presser
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Canada and Mexico on COOL Retaliation

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gbd-coolWith the World Trade Organization Wednesday to hear formal requests from Mexico and Canada to retaliate against the United States over Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) for meat products, a Global Business Dialogue panel at the National Press Club Tuesday was very timely. The panel, which was sponsored by the National Pork Producers Council, featured representatives from both countries discussing why they are considering retaliation and their hopes that Congress will fix the matter before that happens.

Comments by Kenneth Smith Ramos, Embassy of Mexico Comments by John Masswohl, Canadian Cattlemen's Association
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