ZimmCast Celebrates Farm Credit’s 100th Anniversary

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ZimmCast 521FCS Financial and the Farm Credit System have spent the last year celebrating their 100-year anniversary. To recognize this occasion, FCS Financial invited all of their member-owners to celebrate with them at the Missouri State Fair. Events for member-owners took place throughout the day along with receiving meal vouchers and admission tickets to the fair.

This was just one festivity FCS Financial held to commemorate a century of service to agriculture and rural communities. ZimmComm Reporter Jamie Johansen sat down with CEO of the Farm Credit System, Dave Janis, to learn more about the 100-year celebration and what the future looks like as they focus on their customer’s needs.

“Our mission for the last 100 years has been to provide a reliable source of credit and financial services to our members,” said Janis. “As we look forward, we want to continue that mission for the next 100 years. We think agriculture and rural communities are specially important. We want to do our part to support it through our programs.”

Learn more in this week’s program: ZimmCast with FCS Financial

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Which Prez Candidate is Best for #Biofuels?

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Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine at the Iowa State Fair with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine at the Iowa State Fair with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

The Iowa State Fair was a lot quieter this year politically. This year only the vice presidential candidates of the two major party nominees attended.  Does that mean the candidates have forgotten their biofuels friends in the Midwest?

“Both candidates spent quite a bit of time in Iowa up to the Iowa caucuses the first of February,” said Monte Shaw with the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association. “In the general election, they kind of fly in, they do a big rally with thousands of people, and they fly out.”

Shaw believes the Congressional elections are as important, if not more so, than who becomes president. “We will have to keep our eyes on Congress,” he said. “After all, the RFS is the law of the land. For it to be modified or hurt, it would take an act of Congress.”

In this interview, Shaw also talks about attending the upcoming tour of Quad County Corn Processors with Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) and Gov. Terry Branstad where the discussion will include the need for an RVP waiver for E15 and ethanol’s ability to add octane for high compression engines. Interview with Monte Shaw, Iowa RFA

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Agrible & The Equity Partner on Morning Farm Report Tools

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Agrible-The Equity LogosAgrible, Inc. and The Equity (formerly Effingham Equity) have collaborated to bring the predictive analytics tools found inside Agrible’s Morning Farm Report™ to The Equity’s GoSmart Analytics customers. Through this joint effort, GoSmart Analytics users will now receive industry-leading data insights and recommendations to help with decision-making on the farm.

By signing up for GoSmart Analytics, growers receive up-to-date weather forecasts, in-season yield forecasts, and the ability to benchmark yield results with other GoSmart customers. They also receive a Morning Farm Report account with access to forecasts and recommendations on pests, nutrient availability, and more. For an additional fee, growers can add the Morning Farm Report Field Logistics AgriBundle, which includes hour-by-hour field conditions, soil temperatures, wind speed and direction, and a pollinator risk guide.

“The Equity has built a reputation as a leader in innovation and service,” said Chris Harbourt, CEO of Agrible. “Their philosophy is a perfect fit for Morning Farm Report, and we look forward to bringing the power of big data to their GoSmart Analytics customers.”

GoSmart Analytics customers are using Morning Farm Report’s predictive analytics to plan field operations weeks in advance and make informed, data-based decisions. Growers then benchmark their return on investment for each GoSmart field without the need to manually enter their field expenses into another system. Read More

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AnimalAgCast Features Missouri FFA President

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AgWired-Animal Ag Cast In the latest installment of the AnimalAgCast, AgWired’s Jamie Johansen was at Missouri State Fair and spoke with Colton Spencer, Missouri FFA Association President. Colton hails from Aurora, MO, and has proven himself as an agricultural ambassador through both his work in FFA and his successful career showing Gelbvieh cattle. His work as State FFA President has allowed him to represent the beef industry nationwide and spread the word about agriculture to industry representatives nationwide.

“As an FFA officer you have a constant opportunity to make an impact and make new contacts and conversations about agriculture, both in the industry and outside of the industry. When I’m in official dress and I see consumers in the grocery store, that’s an opportunity to have some great conversations and make a significant impact,” he said during the podcast.

Listen to Colton’s full interview in this week’s AnimalAgCast:
AnimalAgCast with Colton Spencer, 2016-2017 Missouri FFA President

Animal AgCast

Veris Technologies and The Climate Corporation Collaborate

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Veris-logoVeris Technologies and The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Monsanto Company (NYSE: MON), recently announced a partnership that will make high resolution soil maps from Veris on-the-go soil sensors available as a key data layer for the agronomic models in The Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView™ platform.

This partnership will greatly enhance farmer access to the company’s precise soil mapping technology to more accurately map soil variability across their fields. Additionally, it will enable more farmers to experience the value of Climate’s customized data science insights on every portion of every acre.

“This is not just about data connectivity, it’s about the combination of soil, weather and scientific insights to better predict nitrogen needs,” says Eric Lund, President of Veris Technologies. “Not only will this collaboration allow farmers to efficiently view Veris maps in the Climate FieldView platform, but most importantly, the high resolution soil maps generated by Veris soil sensors will be used to help manage one of farmers most expensive and sensitive inputs.”

Veris on-the-go soil sensors produce precise maps of soil texture, organic matter, and pH. These properties have a significant impact on productive potential and are closely tied to nitrogen use, loss, and mineralization. A proper prediction of a crop’s nitrogen needs requires an accurate understanding of the soil and how it varies within individual farm fields.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Veris, as part of Climate’s extension of the Climate FieldView platform to other ag innovators who are developing unique technologies for farmers,” said Mike Stern, chief executive officer for The Climate Corporation. “Veris produces best-in-class soil maps, and we expect these maps to be a foundational data layer in the Climate FieldView platform, enabling our agronomic models to provide even more customized insights for farmers on a meter by meter level.” Read More

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Update on Bayer Belt® Insecticide Status

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bayer-beltEarlier this month, an appeals board for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) upheld the agency’s decision to cancel registration for Bayer’s insecticide flubendiamide, marketed in the U.S. as Belt®, while still existing stocks to be sold by retailers or used by growers, but Bayer is continuing to evaluate its options going forward.

In this interview, Bayer Industry Relations Lead Lee Hall provides background on the insecticide, reviews the current status, and explains some of Bayer’s concerns with how the flubendiamide decision was handled by EPA. Interview with Lee Hall, Bayer


I AM @USFRA Series

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i-am-usfra-webThe U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) has been working on behalf of the agricultural industry since it was founded in 2010. Today it is made up of nearly 100 industry affiliates and partners representing virtually all aspects of agriculture, working to engage in dialogue with consumers who have questions about how today’s food is grown and raised.

In this series, launched in March of this year, we hear from people who have been involved in USFRA about why they believe the group is making a difference. I AM USFRA features farmers and ranchers, organization leaders and agribusiness representatives, all working together to communicate agriculture’s message to the public in a united voice.

Interview with Nancy Kavazanjian, USFRA Chair

I AM USFRA John Deere
Interview with Chuck Studer, John Deere

I AM USFRA Dawn Caldwell
Interview with Dawn Caldwell, Nebraska cattle producer

I AM USFRA Jeanette Merritt
Interview with Jeanette Merritt, Indiana soybean member of USFRA board

I AM USFRA Corn Farmers
Interview with NCGA CEO Chris Novak

I AM USFRA Poultry and Egg Industry
Interview with Monty Henderson, USFRA board member for poultry

I AM USFRA Monsanto
Interview with Mike Parrish, Monsanto

I AM USFRA Lisa Lunz
Interview with Lisa Lunz, Nebraska farmer

I AM USFRA Brad Greenway
Interview with Brad Greenway, South Dakota pork producer

I AM @USFRA Carla Wardin
Interview with Carla Wardin, USFRA Faces of Farming

I AM @USFRA Chris Galen @NMPF
Interview with Chris Galen, NMPF

I Am @USFRA Doug Wolf
Interview with Doug Wolf, Wisconsin pork producer ***Editor’s note***Doug Wolf passed away suddenly about 2 weeks after this interview***

I AM @USFRA Scott VanderWal
Interview with AFBF VP Scott VanderWal, South Dakota

I AM @USFRA Mike Geske
Interview with Mike Geske, Missouri farmer

I AM @USFRA DuPont Pioneer
Interview with Todd Frazier, DuPont Pioneer

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New @DairyStrong Sustainability Alliance Launched

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dairystrongA diverse group of partners came together this week in Waunakee, Wisconsin for the official launch of the Dairy Strong Sustainability Alliance (DSSA), a collaborative sustainability campaign featuring representatives from every facet of the dairy community, including farmers, processors, retailers, government agencies, universities, and dairy and trade non-profits. The alliance seeks to engage individuals from across the dairy industry together in a holistic, collaborative effort to position Wisconsin and the Midwest as a global leader in dairy sustainability and to improve the sustainability of the dairy supply chain.

Speakers included:

Tim Trotter, Executive Director, Dairy Business Association
Steve Richter, Director of Conservation Programs, The Nature Conservancy Wisconsin Field Office
Jeff Endres, Chair, Yahara Pride Farms, Inc.
Karen Scanlon, Vice President, Sustainability, Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy
John Umhoefer, Executive Director, Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association
Steve Peterson, SLP, LLC, formerly of General Mills

Listen to the full announcement here:
Dairy Strong Sustainability Alliance Presser

Dairy Strong Sustainability Alliance Photo Album

Food Dialogues Paved Way For DSSAInterview with Tim Trotter, Dairy Business Association

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Bayer Showcase Plot Tours

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28880732475_31e930dbba_zBayer has been holding a series of Showcase Plot Tours around the country since early July and we had a chance to check out the latest in cotton, peanuts and soybeans for the Southeast at the company’s brand new breeding facility near Dawson, GA. We also attended the the Athens, IL event to find out more of what Bayer has in store for soybeans and corn.

Bayer Showcase Days Photo Album

Bayer Showcases #Peanuts and #Cotton
Interview with John Hand, Bayer

Bayer in the Land of #Cotton and #Soybeans
Interview with Josh Mayfield, Bayer

Bayer’s Showcase Plot Tour Offers Real-Life Education
Interview with Daren Bohannan, Bayer

Year Two of LibertyLink #RealYield Sweepstakes
Interview with Daren Bohannan, Bayer

Bayer’s Credenz Has All the Options
Interview with Nick Weidenbenner, Bayer

Grower Perspective @Bayer Showcase Plot Tour
Interview with Denis Kopp, grower

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Clariant Unveils Multi-Colored Agrocer Seed Colorants

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clariant-agrocerThis summer, specialty chemicals company Clariant announced its full range of Agrocer™ seed colorants in North America and we saw them on display at the recent American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) annual meeting in Portland.

Philip Adams, Regional Sales and Marketing Director, Business Unit Pigments, says the Agrocer line fits in well with Clariant’s sustainability platform. “All business units within the Clariant corporation are involved in a number of key sustainability growth areas and agro-chemicals are vitally important within the food chain,” said Adams.

Agrocer colorants are available in a whole rainbow of colors and have been tested for seed safety. Manufactured as pigment powders and pigment preparations, Agrocer colorants comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) inert ingredients regulations and are globally available.

Learn more about Clariant and Agrocer in this interview: Interview with Philip Adams and Mark Self, Clariant

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