Strong Plants, High Yields for Soybeans Treated with CruiserMaxx

Chuck Zimmerman

SyngentaGREENSBORO, N.C. December 15, 2005 ― (AgNewsWire) Cruiser®Maxx® Pak proved its strength and value during its first year of commercial use. CruiserMaxx Pak-treated soybeans showed stronger stands, better plant vigor and quicker canopy, ultimately flourishing into a high-yielding crop. Planted on two million acres in 2005, CruiserMaxx Pak protected soybeans against a broad spectrum of early-season insects and diseases to maximize crop potential and boost yields.

Across the Midwest, growers who planted CruiserMaxx Pak-treated soybeans saw better plant health and vigor leading to increased yields over untreated acres. “We had a side-by-side demonstrating CruiserMaxx Pak-treated soybeans versus non-treated soybeans,” said Al Perry of Aurora, Neb. “The untreated soybeans had a lower population compared to the taller and thicker CruiserMaxx Pak-treated soybeans. There were also no bean leaf beetle holes in the leaves of the soybeans treated with CruiserMaxx Pak. At harvest, the CruiserMaxx Pak-treated soybeans yielded four bushels-per-acre higher than the untreated soybeans.” (Full Release)

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Bean Counter Bonus Program from Syngenta Saves Corn and Soybean Growers $2.50 per Unit

Chuck Zimmerman

Cruiser Extreme Pak and CruiserMaxx Pak offer savings at planting, deliver profits at harvest

SyngentaGREENSBORO, N.C., December 15, 2005 — (AgNewsWire) The Bean Counter Bonus Program™ from Syngenta Seed Treatment offers growers a per-unit rebate on the purchase of Cruiser®Maxx® Pak-treated soybean seed if they have purchased Cruiser Extreme® Pak-treated corn seed. This program, now in its second year, provides quality insect and disease protection for corn and soybeans while reducing a grower’s investment by $2.50 per unit of soybeans.

This year many growers who planted corn seed treated with Cruiser Extreme Pak and/or Cruiser Extreme Pak CRW took part in this exciting offer as they planted CruiserMaxx Pak-treated soybean seed for the first time. While the advantages of Cruiser Extreme Pak have been apparent for several years, the benefits of CruiserMaxx Pak became obvious over the course of its first commercially available season. Growers who participated in the program not only saw profits at harvest, they also saved money at planting. (Full Release)

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Missouri Beef Producers Stand To Benefit From Reopening of Japanese Market

Chuck Zimmerman

Missouri Beef Industry CouncilColumbia, MO December 12, 2005 – (AgNewsWire) – News that Japan is reopening its market for U.S. beef products is good for Missouri beef producers, according to Missouri Beef Industry Council Executive Director Steve Taylor. “With the full export market available to us, there’s an additional 50 to 75 dollars per head added to the value of a carcass, so that translates back to Missouri producers. It does put money on to the value of the cattle that they sell here.” (Full Release)

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Massey Ferguson Announces New Specialty Tractor Line

Chuck Zimmerman

Massey FergusonDULUTH, GA – December 5, 2005 (AgNewsWire) – Massey Ferguson has introduced three new specialty tractors equipped with pressurized cabs and air filtration systems designed to supply clean cab air for the operator. The system seals out pesticide particles and other contaminants to protect operators during specialty applications such as orchard spraying.

“New Massey Ferguson 5400SA Series tractors have an advanced cab pressurization and air flow system that changes cab interior air every 36 seconds,” says Rene Boivin, Massey Ferguson marketing manager. “The system keeps contaminants out of the cab, filtering out 99 percent of all particles larger than 3 microns. The recirculating air system then removes 95 percent of the remaining particles, and is part of a managed program of occupational health and safety. In fact, 5400SA Series cab heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Full Release

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AgNewsWire Kicking Off December 5

Chuck Zimmerman

AgNewsWire is getting ready to get cranking. Our Talking News Release customers are very excited about the additions to the services we now offer, including the exclusive Quickfarm Network distribution. ZimmComm’s Chuck Zimmerman is heading out on the road to make presentations all over the country at the invitation of many of the top agricultural companies and their agencies.

AgNewsWire will officially begin distribution, including Quickfarm Network, next Monday, December 5.

If you’d like a personal presentation to better understand the services that AgNewsWire offers please give us a call or email Chuck now.

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Your Ag News Distribution Service

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmComm Introduces AgNewsWire

(Holts Summit, MO November 7, 2005) ZimmComm, Marketing & Communications is introducing an innovative news distribution service for agriculture that includes not only print, broadcast and internet media, but also direct-to-farmer distribution.

“AgNewsWire” is the evolution of our Talking News Release service introduced last year, based on feedback from our clients who have included some of the largest companies and agencies in the industry,” said ZimmComm president Chuck Zimmerman.

The most innovative portion of AgNewsWire involves an agreement with QuickFarm of Charleston, SC, to include releases as part of the content the company provides to the websites of 425 farmer cooperatives with over 2,000 locations.

“This approach of getting news releases directly to the target audience has never been done before in agriculture, but we expect this to grow as farmers, like all consumers, take advantage of the new sources of information available to them,” said Zimmerman.

QuickFarm Vice President of Sales & Operations Matt Walsh says they approached ZimmComm with the idea of providing new content for their websites. “We have a lot of traffic out there on the internet. We see close to 2 million page views a month. Those page views are made up by roughly 100,000 unique visitors every month and we want to make sure those people are getting the best possible content that we can find. So, going to ZimmComm was a no-brainer for us because of their established multimedia release service. That service provides excellent content for our website customers and in turn for their customers, the American farmer.”

All releases are also posted on the website, where ag journalists can subscribe to them by RSS feed, or view them at any time. All releases are archived for future retrieval by date and keyword. This is in addition to the regular service of emailing the releases to ZimmComm’s list of more than 800 ag journalists. The list includes ag editors, farm broadcasters and international ag journalists.

The basic rate includes distribution to all points for a single print release. Additional services include image files, power point, audio and video, as well as distribution to national radio stations and search engine inclusion. State and regional breakouts are available as well.

“Our goal is to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for distribution of news releases for agribusiness,” Zimmerman said.

For further information, contact Chuck Zimmerman at 573-896-8534 (office) or 573-230-3024 (mobile).

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MFA Incorporated Health Track Has QSA Status

Chuck Zimmerman

Now that Missouri’s Quality Systems Assessment (QSA) program has been accepted by the USDA, MFA Health Track calves can comply with the new federal designation, which means they will have the go-ahead for the toughest export markets. Specifically, post-BSE negotiations with trading partners like Japan have made QSA a necessary bargaining tool.

MFA Health Track manager Mike John says the pending opening of the Japanese market has already created a demand for QSA certified cattle because it takes about 180 days to finish those animals. “The feed yards are willing to start filling the pipeline so they’ll have product when the market does open. So it will bring more buyers to Missouri because of the large number of feeder cattle that we have.” Full Release

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Today’s Missouri Farmer Reads Today’s Farmer

Chuck Zimmerman

Over 70 percent of Missouri’s farmers recall receiving Today’s Farmer, published by MFA Incorporated, according to the 2005 Ag Media Research Readership Study. That’s more than Successful Farming, Farm Journal or Missouri Ruralist, according to the study. Ron Claussen, Ag Media Research, says, “The high response number of producers indicates a very high actual readership level for Today’s Farmer magazine.” Full Release

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